Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to be the regional market leader in processing, transporting and marketing finished energy products, as well as offering complementary products and services, to consumers. We will work together to achieve our purpose by focusing on our core competencies of customer service and supply chain management. We will succeed by consistently adding value to our knowledge and physical assets, creating mutual value with our human resources, and for our customers. We are a principled organization in which all stakeholder relationships appreciate over the long term. We are distinguished by our belief in the worth of an individual and in the meaning of a promise.

An Introduction to Irving Oil

- We are a family owned and operated refining and marketing
company, established in 1924.
- We operate Canada’s largest oil refinery in Saint John, New
Brunswick (270,000 barrels per day).
- We market gasoline through a network of over
800 service stations and convenience stores in Atlantic Canada
and New England.
- We provide residential and commercial energy services
including home heating oil, propane and natural gas through
over 40 retail offices.

Irving’s Market

- 24 hours by ship from Saint John to Boston.
- 36 hours by ship from Saint John to New York.
- Irving Oil supplies more than 20% of all US gasoline imports in
- Northeastern US market imports 3 million bpd and consumes 5
million bpd.
- Irving Oil imports ~ 200,000 bpd into the Northeastern US


Addressing the Competitive Market

• Ensuring that we are the low cost provider of energy products
while maintaining our safety and reliability performance
• How will we do this
– Through a productive, engaged workforce which includes
Irving employees and employees of our strategic alliances
such as Jacobs
– Focus on reliability and productivity
– Measure our performance and compare to Best Practices
with Continuous Improvement as a cornerstone to our

Addressing the Competitive Market

Embarking on a Maintenance Excellence Program
The Maintenance Excellence Program is a refinery-wide program
that will impact many areas of our refinery and how we work
together This program will look at all aspects of our day-to-day
maintenance work and compare our current practices to Industry
Best Practices to see where we can make improvements and
increase efficiencies.

Addressing the Competitive Market

Maintenance Excellence Program con’t..
Although we are very much in the initial stages of this program, here
is what we want to achieve:
We want everyone, in all areas of our refinery, to be part of a
dedicated and progressive team
We want to become more cost effective and competitive in
maintaining our refinery
We want processes in place that will help us stay competitive
now and in the future

Our Expectations of our Alliances:

• Working with us to develop and sustain an engaged, productive
workforce and creating a positive work environment focused on
continuous improvement
• Development of cross functional skills training, more indepth safety
training, supervisory training, apprenticeship & recruitment strategy;
• Development of maintenance career strategy to enhance high level
of ownership and commitment

• Develop flexibility in the contracts we enter into, to allow most
efficient utilization of the workforce to meet our objectives
• Work with all stakeholders including Jacobs and the Building Trades
as well as all areas of the refinery to ensure success of our
Maintenance Excellence Program


• The market continues to become more global with economies of
scale becoming larger as companies continue to merge
• Irving Oil is a small company competing in a very aggressive, ever
changing market
• Continuous improvement is not just a “Buzz word” – it is the key to
ensuring long term growth
• Contractors and the Building Trades organizations need to get on
board with the changes now, so that they will be prepared to meet
the challenges that owners will be asking them to
• Owners have choices and will make the decisions that are right for
their situation